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I am facing the following issue: I am using the Plot Plugin for Jenkins/Hudson in order to display some chars, based on each build, and this work just fine... however I would like to show more data on point click, which should be supported in the Plot Plugin.

I am using the "Load data from xml file using xpath" option, Nodeset and as URL:


The help popup states the following: "Optional. If set, this url is used when you click on a point. This is used as the base url for every point, %name% and %index% will be replaced in the url with the column name and index.". However, when I click on the points in the generated plot, %name% and %index% are not replaced with indices, so the URL is of course not what I expect...

Any ideas how to get the indices properly placed in the placeholders? Thanks!

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I don't believe that this works in the plugin as it currently exists. The code on Github for the pattern replacement is (for CSV files):

 * Return the url that should be used for this point.
 * @param label Name of the column
 * @param index Index of the column
 * @return url for the label.
private String getUrl(String label,int index)
     * Check the name first, and do replacement upon it.
    Matcher nameMatcher = PAT_NAME.matcher(label);
    if (nameMatcher.find())
        url = nameMatcher.replaceAll(label);

     * Check the index, and do replacement on it.
    Matcher indexMatcher = PAT_INDEX.matcher(label);
    if (indexMatcher.find())
        url = indexMatcher.replaceAll(label);

    return url;

label is the CSV column header, so this code is trying to replace %name% and %index% in the column header... with the column header itself.

I've created a pull request to get this fixed.

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