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#ifndef LMlib_H
#define LMlib_H

#define MAX_IP_LENGTH 15         
#define MAX_TABLE_ROWS 255

struct ForwardingTableRow
        char address[MAX_IP_LENGTH];
        int subnetMask;
        int interface;

typedef struct ForwardingTableRow ForwardingTableRow;


#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "LMlib.h"

void ReadForwardingTable(FILE* f,ForwardingTableRow * table)
        int i;
                fscanf(f,"%s %d %d",&table.address[i],&table.subnetMask[i],&table.interface[i]);


Complier command:

cc LMlib.c LMlib.h main.c -lm


LMlib.c: In function ‘ReadForwardingTable’:
LMlib.c:11:27: error: request for member ‘address’ in something not a structure or union
LMlib.c:11:45: error: request for member ‘subnetMask’ in something not a structure or union
LMlib.c:11:66: error: request for member ‘interface’ in something not a structure or union

What have I done wrong?

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why are you using .h file in compilation,you can do cc without it –  Omkant Nov 7 '12 at 14:40

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You have three problems: The first is that you don't use the array indexing properly. It's the table variable that is the array, not the structure member:

fscanf(f, "%s %d %d",

The second problem is unrelated to your question, but may lead to trouble in the future. It's the include guard you have. The #endif should be at the end of the file, otherwise you only protect the single #define and nothing else.

The third, and most serious, problem is that you have one character to little in the address field. The maximum length of an IP-address is 15, which is correct, but if you want to treat it as a string you need space for the string terminator as well. Declare it as

address[MAX_IP_LENGTH + 1];

and it should be okay.

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It is all about operator precedence. . has a higher precedence than &, so basically it says:


and table is not a struct, but a pointer to struct. Then, you are wrong in your indexing, you are indexing the struct's members, not the array.

Rewrite like this:

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