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in linux scripting,

is there a way to use mail function to one time send array values??

function my_mail_function(){

# send array values
mail array_values_here "mymail@domain.tld" ;

Thank you

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You can step through an array with just a little bit of bash code.


# Here's a simple array...
a=(one two three)

# The brackets encapsulate multiple commands to feed to the stdin of sendmail
  echo "To: Mister Target <target@example.com>"
  echo "From: Julio Fong <jf@example.net>"
  echo "Subject: Important message!"
  echo ""
  for item in ${a[@]}; do
    printf "Value %d is %s\n" "$count" "$item"
  echo ""
) | /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -fjf@example.net target@example.com

Note that it'll be safer to use sendmail directly rather than relying on the availability and configuration of a mail or Mail command. Your sendmail binary may not be in the same place as mine; if /usr/sbin/ doesn't work for you, check /usr/libexec/. It'll depend on the distribution of Linux you're running.

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perfect, thank you ;) –  Julio Fong Nov 7 '12 at 16:06

The proper way to use mail is:

mail -s "subject here" recipient1 recipient2 ...

the command reads the email body from stdin so you can format it how you like and read it in from a pipe or a here-doc or a file or ...

function my_mail_function(){
    printf "%s\n" "${array_var[@]}" | mail -s "array values" mymail@domain.tld
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