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Is there a web browser or web view control available to Windows Phone 8 applications written in C++? I've found a WebBrowser control but that seems to be only available in Windows Phone 7 written in C#.

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There's no way to directly use a WebBrowser control in C++. You'll have to create a mixed C++ and XAML projects and overlay the on top of your DirectX .

Note, using Hybrid XAML & D3D apps has a small performance hit over using pure C++ D3D apps. Even if you never show any XAML, just initializing the full CLR and loading up XAML for is still pretty heavy. Read more about it on MSDN here and here.

On other thing that might be applicable to you is that the WebBrowserTask has been ported over to WinRT so it's accessible from C++. Alongside with the Launcher.LaunchUriAsync() method it allows you to navigate away from your app and open up IE10 to a specific page.

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