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I'm using DevExpress 10.2 For WinForms with .Net Framework 4.0 I have a form that contains grid having bands and this grid has Main View and Level inside it so it sounds like a banded grid inside another banded grid. as shown below: Main View At Design time the major problem that the sub grid at level 1 contains also bands as seen at the following screenshot: Sub Level View At Design Time

but at run-time it retrieves the bands of the parent view instead of its bands as shown below: enter image description here

** please note that the data source given to the gridControl is a dataset which has two datatable inside it connected each other using DataRelation Class

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it solved by adding the following code

this.dgGeneralLedger.LevelTree.Nodes[0].RelationName = "Transaction";
                    this.dgGeneralLedger.ShowOnlyPredefinedDetails = true;
                    this.dgGeneralLedger.DataSource = result.DatSet.Tables["LedgerAccounts"];
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