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I currently have the situation that in my vhost.conf i have an entry to automatically include a file to start profiling:

php_value auto_prepend_file /home/xhprof/include/xhprof.php

This thing is in SVN and might be checked out by people who don't have xhprof installed on their system. The consequence is, that xhprof.php is not found and PHP throws an error.

Does anybody know, if there's a possibility to check, if this file is there, before including?

thx in advance :)

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Do it like this:


if(is_file("/home/xhprof/include/xhprof.php")){ include '/home/xhprof/include/xhprof.php'; }


php_value auto_prepend_file path/to/fileX.php

there is a function called: is_file()

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Thanks I already thought about a similar solution but this is not very useful, cause then you would have to add this file to all the projects that might use profiling. What i just thought about is shell-similar entry like <if exists [filename]> for my vhost.conf, but i couldn't find anything like this yet –  x_mtd Nov 7 '12 at 16:39

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