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I am trying to run some Mocha/Zombie.js tests on my new node.js (express) app.

Now I want to do it without having to restart the node app.

Now, I have a working test, something like this:

var assert=require('assert')
    , Browser = require("zombie")

var browser = new Browser(); = "";
browser.silent = false;

describe('Home page', function(){
    describe ('Page title', function(){
        it('should open a home page', function(done){
                assert.equal(browser.text("title"), "My page title");

So, when the test fails, I change the page title, reload the app and then re-run the test so it passes.

I know I can do something like:

var server = require('../server');
var browser = new Browser();

I just don't know how, and I can't see from Mocha and Zombie example pages.

How do I tell the browser.visit to visit the server and not the real deployed web page?

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As I was suggested on chat here, I am using Node-supervisor - a supervisor for node apps, to which I say what to watch and restart the app automatically when it changes.

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