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We're just starting to use JSHint / JSLint and are looking for some "best practice" type settings that are widely considered to be a good compromise between strictness and pragmatism. I've had a look on the internet and not really been able to find anything.

I realise it's all down to personal opinion but I would have thought that some sort of consensus would have formed by now. For example does anybody know what jquery, google, yahoo etc code to?


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It definitely is a matter of personal style, but you can see many examples from open source projects:

So if you pragmatically combine them you get something like that:

    "curly": true,
    "eqeqeq": true,
    "eqnull": true,
    "expr": true,
    "latedef": true,
    "onevar": true,
    "noarg": true,
    "node": true,
    "trailing": true,
    "undef": true,
    "unused": true
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