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Given an Order entity with many OrderItems, whereas each has a Discount, we are trying to retrieve all Orders with at least one discount that is more than 50% by joining orders and order items.

There are a lot of articles about joining two entities in Linq-To-Entities, but they have all in common that they rely on the Foreign Key being exposed as a navigation property:

    db.OrderItems.Where(i => i.Discount > 50),
    o => o.Id,
    i => i.OrderId)

However, our OrderItemdoes not have an OrderId property. The Order has a OrderItems property to identify the relationship, the foreign key is managed by EF4.1 CodeFirst.

Question: Is there a way to perform a join by indicating o => o.OrderItems for identifying the relationship and have EF figure out which FK to use for the join?

On the background: We have tried to use .Any on the OrderItems but DevArt dotConnect has a breaking issue with that:

db.Orders.Where(o => o.OrderItems.Any(i => i.Discount > 50))
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I'm afraid the "breaking issue" has broken your only chance to get the desired result - unless you have an Order navigation property on OrderItem or you are willing to use direct sql or DevArt takes care of the problem and proposes a workaround (does the last query with .Count(...) > 0 instead of .Any(...) for example break as well?). –  Slauma Nov 7 '12 at 21:02
@Slauma: Thank you for the answer. Yes, unfortunately .Count(...) > 0 breaks as well. In case you're interested in the details, it only starts to happen with 3 entities (db.Customers.Where(c => c.Orders.Any(o => o.OrderItems.Any(i => i.Discount > 50)))). The error message is "ORA-00904: "Extent1"."ID": invalid identifier, and the reason is that the same identifier is used twice in the outer and the inner of two nested select statements. That's certainly why replacing Any(..) by Count(..) > 0 does not solve it. –  chiccodoro Nov 8 '12 at 8:04
@Slauma: BTW: Although your comment doesn't solve my issue, I'm afraid it answers my question of "Is there a way..." so it may be worthwhile to post it as an answer. –  chiccodoro Nov 8 '12 at 8:05
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