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Does anybody know why this code does not produce errors in JSHint?

I think it should give me a variable shadowing warning but I'm not getting one.

I have "Tolerate Variable shadowing" as false am using the visual studio plugin.

RES.test = function () {
    var test, f;

    f = function () {
        var test;



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I just stumbled onto this too. Apparently JSHint developers' definition of "shadowing" is not what you expect. For them, hiding a variable name coming from a closure is not shadowing. And yes, I find it strange too :-)

If you look at their test suite, they mean something like "redefinition", where you do

var a = 1;
var a = 2;

look at their test case:

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Good spot, I hadn't noticed this. It's strange how jshint / lint is so picky about some pretty mundane things (eg ++) but doesn't latch on to this. – cedd Jul 30 '13 at 10:14

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