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How to set alternatingRowColors alpah color in flex 4.6 spark DataGrid


Tnx to I found it:

In the DataGrid skin need to override prepareGridVisualElement like this:

public function prepareGridVisualElement(grid:Grid, rowIndex:int, columnIndex:int):void
    const dataGrid:DataGrid = grid.dataGrid;
    if (!dataGrid)

    const colors:Array = dataGrid.getStyle("alternatingRowColors");
    rowBackgroundFillColor.alpha = rowIndex % 2 == 0 ? 0 : 0.25;
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Use the alternatingRowColors or style.

To quote the docs:

Used to initialize the DataGrid's rowBackground skin part. If the alternatingRowColors style is specified, then use the alternatingRowColorsBackground skin part as the value of the rowBackground skin part. The alternating colors for the grid rows are defined by successive entries in the Array value of this style.

If you want to change how this style is rendered, replace the alternatingRowColorsBackground skin part in the DataGridSkin class. If you want to specify the background for each row, then initialize the rowBackground skin part directly. The default value is undefined.

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