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I am working on a project that is writing to the database using Hibernate.

I have an Abstract POJO for the model

Removed code

There isn't anything special going on in the subclasses. But I have a controller class that I'm trying to modify some of the data. I want to use the Transient variable, but its not letting me. I am doing this in the other class


Then I call an iterator to take what is in the database and add it to the map. This all is working fine.

My main question, When I do isn't saving a description element in the temp object. Therefore it isn't passing to the map.

Any suggestions? I hope I provided enough information

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You're never putting "temp" into the map... the only code you have that puts items in the map is:

computerMap.put(hardware.getUuid(), hardware);

For the case where it's a new object, you instantiate a new computer and assign it to temp not hardware so any new computers will never get in the map.

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I apologize, that was me mis typing because I did change the variable names. That should be computerMap.put(hardware.getUuid(), temp); I will change it. – envinyater Nov 7 '12 at 17:37
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I figured it out. I didn't have the variable I needed in the hashCode in my model. :)

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