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I have a NET back-end interacting with Amazon S3 web services. I am using a Javascript library (ExtJs) on the front end to try and create a file-browser. In order to do that I have to convert all the file paths in Amazon like




To a JSON tree which would something like this:

 root: {
        expanded: true,
        children: [
            { text: "Directory1", expanded: true, children: [
                { text: "SubDirectory1", children: [
                  {text:"File.txt", leaf: true }
                { text: "SubDirectory2",children: [
                  {text: "File2.txt"",leaf: true}
            ] },
            { text: "Director2", expanded: true, children:[
                 {text:"SubDirectory3",children: [
                   {text:"File3.txt",leaf: true}

Anyone know a good way to do this in .NET? Anyway I can think of seems very error prone or heavy on really inefficient.

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post your try first, people will help you make it better ;) –  nXqd Nov 7 '12 at 16:39
you could also do this on the client too –  dbrin Nov 8 '12 at 4:54

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