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I have started a retrival job for an archive stored in one of my vaults on Glacier AWS.

It turns out that I do not need to resurrect and download that archive any more. Is there a way to stop and/or delete my Glacier job?

I am using boto and I cannot seem to find a suitable function.


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The AWS Glacier service does not provide a way to delete a job. You can:

  • Initiate a job
  • Describe a job
  • Get the output of a job
  • List all of your jobs

The Glacier service manages the jobs associated with an vault.

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That's annoying, but thanks for definitively stating that you can't cancel an ongoing restore operation. –  Eirik Mar 14 at 22:14
Here's the source for that information: docs.aws.amazon.com/amazonglacier/latest/dev/… –  ash Dec 2 at 20:10

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