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I implemented a fragment list with more than a 1000 element, and now I want to add filtering with OnNavigationListener, because nobody want to see all of the items.

There are a lot of filters so I put them into groups (A, B, C). If I click one of them, for example: select the group B, and than a context menu shows the B1, B2, B3 filtering options.

For the first time this works well, but if I try to select the group B again nothing happend, the onNavigationItemSelected do not call again. (Only if I select the A or C group).

  • A
    • A1
    • A2
    • A3
  • B
    • B1
    • B2
    • B3
  • C
    • C1
    • C2
    • C3

Is it possible to select the same navigation item multiple times or I have to find a new solution to my problem?

Thank for your advise!

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You should use expandable listview –  ADR Nov 7 '12 at 17:12
The same issue is disscussed here: stackoverflow.com/questions/12635982/… No answer however... –  Alex Semeniuk Mar 7 '13 at 10:22

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