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I am trying to get my head around ServiceStack self-hosted app and the new API.

Adding two views of the same name in separate folders results in an error at startup. Is this not allowed?



Is there a way to specify a template via a decorator on a method or directly as a return value? I know about the convention of naming views after DTOs. I prefer to be more explicit or follow a convention closer to Sinatra/Express.

return Render(typeof(Views.Foo.Index), new { Name = "Nelly" });
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The ServiceStack's Razor Rockstars website which holds the documentation for Razor support in ServiceStack lists some options for selecting a different template:

If it doesn't follow the convention (i.e. Request or Response DTO name) then you can dynamically specify which view or layout template gets used by returning a decorated HttpResult like:

return new HttpResult(dto) {
    View = {viewName},
    Template = {layoutName},

If you're using a static view (i.e. service always uses the same view) then you can specify what view to use by decorating it with the [DefaultView] attribute

public object Get(Rockstars request) { 
    return responseDto; 

In either case, if you want it strong-typed you can use something like typeof(RequestDto).Name.

View names must be unique

Unlike MVC, heirachy's does not influence view selection in ServiceStack and because each View Page (i.e. razor pages in the /Views folder) must be unique, you're free to lay them out in any flat or nested folder structure you wish.

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