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I have three fields:

<input name="answerOne">
<input name="answerTwo"> 
<input name="answerThree"> 

I would like to create add a method in jquery.validate where it operates like the equalTo method. The values of each of the input texts must be unique. Also, I would like to re-validate the other fields and check if they have unique values and remove the error if it is unique.

Example Scenario:


answerOne value = abc

answerTwo value = asd

answerThree value = qwe

No errors should occur


answerOne value = abc

answerTwo value = abc

answerThree value = qwe

AnswerTwo should have an error


answerOne value = fgh

answerTwo value = abc

answerThree value = qwe

AnswerTwo's error should be gone

Hope you guys can help me!

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function validate() {
    return ($("input[name=answerOne]").val() != $("input[name=answerTwo]").val() && $("input[name=answerOne]").val() != $("input[name=answerThree]").val() && $("input[name=answerTwo]").val() != $("input[name=answerThree]").val())

if the function returns false then it's not valid.

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This does not use the jquery.validate.js –  Miguel Portugal Nov 8 '12 at 15:33

I don't know of a rule built into the base jQuery Validation library, so your best bet may be to create a custom rule to handle it. I found this example of someone who created one that looks like what you're asking for:


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