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I have been trying to make sense of Android's developer docs concerning the in-app subscriptions capability that was included in the Market Billing API v2 earlier this year. All of the documentation seems to talk about in-app billing and only briefly mentions subscriptions implementation and testing.

I have downloaded the Dungeons sample application which does not implement subscriptions. I have set up a test app which defines two of my own subscription products. When I purchased a $9.99/year subs, it did charge me. I failed to store the purchase token correctly, so there was no actual delivery (my fault). I then attempted to refund my order through Google Checkout so I could restart the test, and it did not give me a refund. It actually charged my credit card, and I did not capture the purchase token, so there is no way for me to revive the old transaction that I know of. Does anyone know of any VERY CLEAR documentation of the process for Google Play in-app subscriptions and a solid and repeatable testing process? The android documentation on this one is tough for me. I have been using the following links as reference thus far:

Thank you for any help that anyone can provide.

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