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I have a model Post with an attribute published_at. However, in POST request API requires it to be assigned as published, not published_at. So in my model I override setter method like so

def published=(value)
  self.published_at = value

The problem is, in my API tests, I use FactoryGirl's attributes_for(:post) method to generate attributes for POST request, and it uses old published_at name. How can I workaround this problem and generate attributes with published key instead of published_at without changing the name of this attribute in my model?

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How about changing your :post factory:

factory :post do
  published { Time.now }
  # published_at

Or, if you want to separate API and Web based posts, create a new factory:

factory :api_post, class: Post do
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Thank you, I didn't know I can create a new factory for the same class, works great. –  evfwcqcg Nov 7 '12 at 19:03

I've never tried this myself, but it seems like an alias might work:

alias_attribute :published, :published_at

And in that case I would probably get rid of Post#published=.

Reference: http://stackoverflow.com/a/4017071/199712

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