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We developped a set of programs whose behaviour changes according to the user's licence.

Depending on the user's, licence the program will become a specific edition. Let us call them

  • Small business
  • Entreprise

Until recently, we used to save the user's preference in a folder that respected the following pattern


We used to saved the log files in a folder that respected the following pattern


The issues that I am having at this time are the following :

  • If a user installs different versions how do I make sure that the preferences do not overlap
  • I used to write in a log file the execution of our application in order to make sure that everything is working fine and in order to be able to debug the application in case a problem happens. This pattern can not work for many reasons. The program decides its edition once it has analysed program the licence. If an exception happens before the licence has been analysed I have no idea where to save the log file

As they say I am in a management pinch and I would appreciate any kind help


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Do you have a database connected to the program? Did you try storing this in the database. You may choose to have different databases/logfile for different installations of the program.

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