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I've a strange situation here...

Context : NAS Filesystem under Unix A farm of 15 compute unit The farm work all the time and process stream buffer from one nas path to an other one.

A mapping drive is connected on all my Compute Unit with the cifs protocol.

What's happened :

I lose my connection on client side (windows 2k8R2) randomly, and :

  • net use => nothing. No active connection.
  • netstat => the socket on port 445 is always established.

Then :

  • if I try to re-mount the mapping drive => Failed...
  • If I try to access the share with UNC path => Failed...

After the crash, windows try to connect (UNC or Mapping drive) on port 80 in place of 445. When I restart the machine, I recover my share.

So my question is : What going on ? Why on a failure Windows don't release the network connection on port 445 ?

Any ideas ?

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