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I am working for a company as a contractor for apple app development. We want to design an app to communicate with an external non-apple device through dock connector. And eventually, we want to load the app to our customers iphone/ipad. We are not planing to join MFi program for hardware development, we bought Dock to RS232 wires from RedPark and use their library as well. In redpark's website, they mentioned we can't distribute app using their wire to app store.(Apple does't allow that).

So my question is, in my case, which program will be better to join? Individual, company, or enterprise program? If I join individual or company program, how many devices I can test on? (I remember it's 100, just to make sure).

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Why down vote? People come here to ask questions, I've read FAQ and information in app's website, and searched for answers and still don't have good idea about it. Are we supposed to know the answers or where to find the answers all the time? – user1491987 Nov 7 '12 at 19:12

One thing I think I can rule out is Individual. AFAIK you have to use your real name as the publisher so I am not sure your client would want their app shown under your (or any other individual's name).

Found this

and this

Looks like there is a difference between ad-hoc and in-house distribution which impacts the 100 limit (yes for ad-hoc, unlimited for in-house).

I'd contact them using the program enrollment link. You will usually get a reply within a day and all you need is an Apple ID.

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Thanks, Gary. Do you happen to know if I join company plan, how many devices I can load apps to for testing? I think I read somewhere last year it's 100. Not sure. – user1491987 Nov 7 '12 at 19:27
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Did more search and contacted apple as well. Here is what I get, please correct me if I made mistakes:

Enterprise program can be used for in-house apps and can't be distributed. But I can't load the app to customers' devices. Good thing is your apps do not need to pass apple review and it doesn't have limit of how many devices can be used.

Company Program and individual program can be used for app distribution, and have a limit of 100 devices per year to test on. In my case, since I'm using a third-party wire and library, I can't distribute app to app store, unless I join MFi program and develop my own tool and library.

If anyone is thinking to develop an app within client only, you need to join a ios developer program, and your customer need to enroll in the Volume Purchase Program to access their custom B2B apps. It doesn't work for my case, since my app won't pass the review.

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