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In my project, most of my dependencies are pulled down through maven. For the short term, however, I need to depend on a SNAPSHOT jar. Is there a proper place to put this in maven's directory hierarchy, and how do I depend on it in the pom? Eventually the proper version of this jar will be in a maven repository, but in the short term I want to just include it with my project so that anyone developing on it with me has the same jar. So basically I want the exact same effect as if I was depending on this jar from a maven repository, except it will be included in my project.

Thanks for the help

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You can place it in any directory you like in the project and then use a system dependency. Create a lib directory to hold the dependency within your project.

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I would not recommend to put them in src/main/resources. All files in that directory will be copied to the target classpath unless you introduce filtering/exclude/include patterns. The jars would be included in the built jar. Binary files should not reside in a sources directory. Better put them in a libs/ directory. Otherwise your suggestion seems ok. Will upvote if you update your answer ;-) –  maba Nov 7 '12 at 20:16
@maba - Good point. I updated the answer. –  gregwhitaker Nov 7 '12 at 20:24

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