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I am trying to implement things from this link-


in a bit more complex gui.. I have a curve plotted, and using a peakfinder function I find all the maxima in the plot,and mark them with an X (using another plot function) but then I want the user to have the ability to correct the location of the maxima if they are wrong, or to erase some X if they are unnecessary.

I can’t understand what should I change or add to make it work to drag only a certain X each step.

in this code it isn't a gui but I still have the same problem

my code-

function main

global data_file


starting_sample= 1;

len = length(data_file);

f = figure('NumberTitle','off','color','w','Menubar','none');

[picks1,locs1] = findpeaks(data_file(starting_sample:sampling_rate:len),'MINPEAKDISTANCE',10);
a = axes('xlim',[0 100], 'ylim',[-5 5]);

plot( 1:sampling_rate:len, data_file( starting_sample:sampling_rate:len ) );
hold on
hold off


    function start_drag1(varargin)

    function draging(varargin)
        pt= get(a,'currentpoint')
        set(p,'XData',pt(1)*[1 1])

    function stop_drag1(varargin)
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If you want to specify the minimum/maximum step size that you can drag then you need to edit your draging function to incrementally update XData after some dragging threshold has been crossed.

Something like this might work

function draging(varargin)

   dragDist = 1;
   pt = get(a,'currentpoint')
   curX = get(p,'XData')

   if ( curX(1) - pt(1) > dragDist) %drag to the left
      set(p,'XData',curX - dragDist)
   elseif (pt(1) - curX(1) > dragDist) % drag to the right
      set(p, 'XData', curX + dragDist)

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there are two things missing in yout answer- 1. when it drags - it drags all the Xes , and i want it to drag only one and leave the others in their place.. 2. it changes only to the sides and not to up\down. can you add those things? –  user1742463 Nov 7 '12 at 19:44
@user1742463 what is missing? –  slayton Nov 7 '12 at 19:45

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