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I have the a rufus scheduler which executes a request to Dropbox to check if the access key and secret are authorised every 10 minutes.

If it is unauthorised, the following exception is reported:

DropboxAuthError in GalleryController#index


The code I have in my scheduler to detect this is from the rufus-scheduler documentation:

def scheduler.on_exception(job, exception)
  puts "job #{job.job_id} caught exception '#{exception}'"

Because I am only wanting to catch that exception above, I want to be able to perform a conditional statement which compares the exception with a value, something like:

 def scheduler.on_exception(job, exception)
  if exception == "DropboxAuthError"
    puts "job #{job.job_id} caught exception '#{exception}'"

But because the exception is an object, I cannot do that comparison.

Has anyone got any idea's how I can do this?

Many thanks.

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Many ways to skin a cat

if exception.message.match(/DropboxAuthError/)
  # ...

if exception.is_a?(Net::HTTPUnauthorized)
  # ...

Don't be afraid of your Ruby objects.

Note that you could avoid the global error handling you've picked from rufus-scheduler documentation and do something like:

scheduler.every '10m' do
    # do the API call...
  rescue Net::HTTPUnauthorized => ne
    puts "not authorized"
  rescue => e
    puts "something wrong happened " + e.inspect

Where rescue does the type checking for you.


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