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I am newbie to knockout js, i have a requirement similar to this jsfiddle http://jsfiddle.net/daedalus28/vpjhZ/, it was great in rendering json from viewmodel , but i was unable to do the viceversa, given a json from server need to render the same view. how do i map observablearray in the mapping create function?

var FilterGroup = function(parent) {

    this.join = ko.observable('All');
    this.filters = ko.observableArray([new Filter(this)]);

    this.addFilter = function() {
        var filter = new Filter(this);
    this.addGroup = function() {
        var group = new FilterGroup(this);
    this.remove = (function(parent) {
        return function() {

     this.isRoot = (function(parent) { 
        return function() {
            return parent ? false : true;

    var mappingOptions = {
        filters: {
            create: function(args) {
                   return new function () {

                   filters = ko.observableArray([new Filter(args.data)]);



    ko.mapping.fromJS(parent, mappingOptions, this);


var data = {filters:{join:'All',filters:[{field:{name:'IsDeleted',label:'Deleted'},modifier:'contains',criteria:'50'},{join:'All',filters:[{field:{name:'IsDeleted',label:'Deleted'},modifier:'equals',criteria:'20'}]},{field:{name:'Email',label:'Email'},modifier:'equals',criteria:'30'}]}};

var viewModel = {
    filters: new FilterGroup(data.filters),
    options:  {
        joins: ['All', 'Any'],
        modifiers: [
            'not equal to',
            'less than',
            'greater than',
            'does not contain',
            'starts with'
        fields: [{"name":"Id","label":"ContactID"},{"name":"IsDeleted","label":"Deleted"}],

    toJSON: function() {
        return {
             filters: this.filters

$(function() {



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I'm not sure I understand correctly, but you want to render a JSON string from your ViewModel? If so you'll have to do something like this:

var result = JSON.stringify(unwrapObservable(myViewModel));

or with the mapping plugin

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