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I trying to create a Word document via C#. I want to be able to insert a page break at a certain point in my code, however I am not sure on how to do this. I am mostly using StringBuilder to create the html. This is being done in Visual studios 2010 with c#. I've looked at some guides but most of them use code like "Word variable". So I'm not sure if "Word" comes from an extra downloaded library or what not.

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most likely the Word variable is because the added a reference to the Microsoft Word Library then used using Word = Microsoft.Office.interop.Word; –  Sorceri Nov 7 '12 at 20:42

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Here is an example of writing some text to the word doc then adding a page break. Then writing the rest to the text to the document. In order to get a better answer you may need to rewrite your question as it is unclear when you want to insert a break and how you are writing the information to the document. I am assuming a lot which is never good.

using Word = Microsoft.Office.interop.Word; 

//create a word app
Word._Application  wordApp = new Word.Application();
//add a page
Word.Document doc = wordApp.Documents.Add(Missing.Value, Missing.Value, Missing.Value, Missing.Value);
//show word
wordApp.Visible = true;
//write some tex
doc.Content.Text = "This is some content for the word document.\nI am going to want to place a page break HERE ";
//inster a page break after the last word
//add some more text
doc.Content.Text += "This line should be on the next page.";
//clean up
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I am creating all the content and appending it to a StringBuilder. Then I write the StringBuilder to a StreamWriter. When the While loop finishes it's first iteration of the data, I want to insert a page break. So that all the content of each iteration ison it's own page. –  john Nov 8 '12 at 14:34

If the location you would like to insert the page break is selected (by Word.Selection) :

The easiest way is to insert there the following code:

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