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How to auto download the excel files from the browser in one click on the link, without going through the "save as" and other windows in watir. I am trying to keep it OS independent, so would not be interested in using win32ole gem.

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possible duplicate of How to perform auto download files Watir – Justin Ko Nov 7 '12 at 20:16

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for this task I tweaking my profile preferences

my code looks like this:

chrome driver:

profile =
profile['download.default_directory'] = download_directory
profile['download.prompt_for_download'] = false
browser = :chrome, :profile => profile

chrome driver 2:

prefs = {
    'download' => {
        'default_directory' => download_directory,
        'prompt_for_download' => false,
        'directory_upgrade' => true, 
        'extensions_to_open' => '',
    'profile' => {
        'default_content_settings' => {'multiple-automatic-downloads' => 1}, #for chrome version olde ~42
        'default_content_setting_values' => {'automatic_downloads' => 1}, #for chrome newer 46
        'password_manager_enabled' => false,
        'gaia_info_picture_url' => true,

caps =
caps['chromeOptions'] = {'prefs' => prefs}
browser = :chrome, :desired_capabilities => caps


profile =
profile[''] = download_directory
profile[''] = 2
profile[''] = download_directory
profile[''] = false
profile['browser.helperApps.alwaysAsk.force'] = false
profile['browser.helperApps.neverAsk.openFile'] = "text/csv,application/pdf"
profile['browser.helperApps.neverAsk.saveToDisk'] = "text/csv,application/pdf"
profile['pdfjs.disabled'] = true
browser = :firefox, :profile => profile

(firefox example for me working only for pdf files)

but selenium browsers download has many bugs

some problem in chrome or firefox webdriver (like this do not allow write good tests for file downloads

I wrote the following ruby script for download files

require ‘rubygems’
require “net/http”
require “uri”

def download(_url, _download_path = ”)
    url = URI.parse _url
    http_object =, url.port)
    http_object.use_ssl = true if (url.scheme == ‘https’ || url.port == 443)

    http_object.start.request_get(url.path) do |response|
        start_time =
        response["Content-Disposition"] =~ /^.+?filename=”(.+?)”$/
        file_name = $1
        file = open(_download_path + file_name, ‘wb’)
        length = response['Content-Length'].to_i
        response.read_body do |fragment|
        file_size = File.size(_download_path + file_name)/1024.0/1024.0
        puts “-“*80
        puts “Download time – #{ – start_time}”
        puts “Download speed – #{file_size/( – start_time)} MB/s”
        puts “-“*80


I hope this code will be useful for those who need test file download (not browser file download dialog window)

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In chrome, the first options didnt work, but the second, along with option :switches works great for me. – csoria Jul 8 '14 at 18:50

It appears to be unique to each browser. Alister Scott wrote this << try that.

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Thanks for the reply. The solutions given are for firefox and chrome, I am using IE. Is there a way to configure profiles for IE? – Anvesh_V Nov 9 '12 at 16:43
Did you try this? – Dave McNulla Nov 9 '12 at 23:26
Google is your friend. It will answer 80% of the questions you are considering to put in SO. – Dave McNulla Nov 9 '12 at 23:26

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