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I'd like to create a custom Container in Flex 3. I want this container to have an inner container which is either a TabNavigator or a VBox, depending on some flag the user sets. This flag won't change once the page is rendered, so I don't need to "dynamically" move from one component to another.

So far, I have this code:

public class AccNavigator extends Container {
public var container:Container;

public function AccNavigator() {
    if (GlobalSettings.Vertical) { // This is the said variable
        container = new VBox();
    else {
        container = new TabNavigator();
    container.percentHeight = 100;
    container.percentWidth = 100;

override protected function createChildren():void {

override public function addChild(c:DisplayObject):DisplayObject {
    if (c == container) {
        // MessageAlert is the same as an Alert but with custom code"addChild: Adding Container");
    } else {"addChild: " + c.toString());
    return c;

override protected function initializationComplete():void {
    // used for bebugging purposes"container is visible: " + container.visible.toString());"this is visible: " + visible.toString());"container children: " + container.numChildren);"this children: "+ this.numChildren);

I am using this custom container in mxml like this:

      <more things...>
      <more things...>

But when I run the application, none of the components are visible. When the initializationComplete code is executed I see the following:

  • container is visible: true
  • this is visible: true
  • container children: 2
  • this children: 1

I have spent some time reading this to understand the component lifecycle but still I can't make sense of what is missing in my code.

Can someone please help me and tell me what am I missing?


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The problem was that I shouldn't have extended Container. So, the class declaration looks like:

public class AccNavigator extends VBox {

Everything else is correct.

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