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From Eclipse, you can click on a Python class variable, and, once it's highlighted, right click to get a context menu, then run "Refactoring->Generate Properties". PyDev will then generate "getters" and "setters" for the member variables you select.

Pydev names the "getter" and "setter" functions "get_" and "set_", lower casing the variable name, and converting camel case names into underscore-separated names. E.g.:

class myClass(object):
    myVal = None

    def get_my_val(self):
       return self.__myVal

    def set_my_val(self, value):
       self.__myVal = value

    def del_my_val(self, value):
       del self.__myVal

    myVal = property(get_my_val, set_my_val, del_my_val, "myVal's docstring")

I would prefer it make it something more along the lines of setMyVal.

Is there a way to change this naming convention? I saw a different convention used on the Philip Kershaw blog and so I hope there is a way to do it. I've looked and looked but can't seem to find any reference to this.

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Go to Window->Preferences->PyDev->Editor->Code Style and select both camelCase with first lower and camelCase() with first lower, then click Apply.

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