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I've been using the rturk Ruby library to call the Amazon Mechanical Turk API. I'm doing basic things like approving and rejecting. After doing so successfully, I am now looking over the (a) AMT Web UI and (b) an exported CSV. Neither shows the approvals or rejections I just made.

What is going on?

I would not expect a time lag. How can I get to the bottom of this?

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I got an answer from James@AWS over at the Mechanical Turk forum:

Please see the last response in this thread:

The short answer is that the web interface doesn't see updates from certain actions taken in the API. This is a known limitation.

From where I sit, this "known limitation" would be better described as a bug.

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4 years later and this issue is still present. How annoying. – JSArrakis Jan 15 at 20:56

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