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I am getting this fatal error when running a condition to see if this is a new record, and if so, create a duplicate draft record in the database.


$this->form = new AlertsForm($active_alert);
    if ($request->isMethod('post')) {
      $this->form->bind($request->getParameter('alerts'), $request->getFiles('alerts'));
      if ($this->form->isValid()) {
        try {
          /* check if record is the draft version, and if not create one */

          if (!$active_alert->isNew() && !$active_alert['is_preview'] && 
              ($request->getParameter('button_type') != 'publish' || 
              !$this->getUser()->hasPublishingPrivilege())) {

            $active_alert = $active_alert->createDraft();
            $values = $request->getParameter('alerts');
            $values['id'] = $active_alert['id'];
            $this->form = new AlertsForm($active_alert);
            $this->form->bind($values, $request->getFiles('alerts'));

            $this->getUser()->setFlash('draft', true);


Fatal error: Call to a member function isNew() on a non-object in apps/cms/modules/alerts/actions/actions.class.php on line 35

If I run a var_dump on $active_alert, it returns:


Older working versions of this piece of code are identical, so I am not sure it is this exact code that is wrong, I just do not know where to look.

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Hint: when doctrine doesn't find a record in the database it gives back false. – 1ed Nov 7 '12 at 22:40
Can we see how do you create $active_alert? – j0k Nov 8 '12 at 8:19
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The Fatal Error is because, as the error message suggests, there's no $active_alert, i.e. it is a non-object, and you're trying to call isNew() on a non-object.

What you can do is check for the existence of $active_alert before checking if it's (not) new:

if ($active_alert && !$active_alert->isNew() && !$active_alert['is_preview'] && ...

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