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I have an input field "#PostTitle" in which the user can enter a URL.

I want to send the user's input (upon change or upon exiting the field) to an action in my Posts controller which returns an array. Without CakePHP I think this would look something like this:

           type: 'POST',
           url: '/posts/setPostImages',  
           data: $(this).serialize(),
           success: function(data){
                do something;
           error: function(message){
 return false;

The action in the Posts controller sets an array of links called $imageArray (I CURL the page and return an array of all the images on that page, if it's of any interest).

Then, after I make the request, I would like to update an element which depends the contents of that array. The element contains the following code:

<div id="slider-wrap" class="boxframe">
    <div class="coda-slider" id="slider-id">
     <?php foreach ($imageArray as $image): ?>
        <div class="crop">
        <?php echo $this->Html->image($image); ?>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

Any help is appreciated!

Edit: If I try this, the action isn't called at all:

echo $this->Js->link('update',
      array('action' => 'setPostImages'),
         'update' => '#selectImage',
         'data' => '',
         'async' => true,    
         'method' => 'POST'
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If you want to generate this JS with CakePHP, take a look at JsHelper's event method and request method

The action the POST request hits should render your element and respond with HTML. JsHelper::request will then replace the contents of the element specified by the update param with your HTML.

Personally, I find it fairly obtuse to generate Javascript with a PHP framework. It quickly becomes difficult to do what you want. If you have even a moderate amount of Javascript, I recommend just writing it directly (you already seem to know how to do this!).

Your edit refers to a possibly different issue. What kind of Javascript errors are you getting in your browser's console when you click the link generated by that snippet?

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Hi Ben, thanks for the tipps. I'm trying to get this to work from within Javascript now, but I'm still not getting the hang of it. Could you take a look please?… – Cos Nov 8 '12 at 22:45

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