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I have a script that echoes out the last dropped droppable element, I want to make it so when the last element is dropped all the elements dropped previous to the last one being dropped is echoed out. This here is a visual of the script minus the echoing out. Below is the javscript containing the issue.

$('#dropbox, #dropbox1').droppable({
        accept: '.sort',
        hoverClass: 'border',
        tolerance: 'touch',
        drop: function(e, ui) {
    $(this).append(ui.draggable.html() + '<br/>');
            $(e.target).append("<input type='button' name='Sub' value='clear'/>").click(function() {
        var dropbox = $('#dropbox').html();
        var dropbox1 = $('#dropbox1').html();

    if(dropbox && dropbox1 !== ''){
          {data: $(this).text()}, 
          function(data) {
               //alert("Data saved.");

I am pretty sure {data:$this.text()} is the issue, but I'm brainlocked on how I can echo the other dropped elements when the last droppable element is dropped.

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Could you simply echo the content of the dropboxes?


or are you trying to echo them in the order they were dropped?

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