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From the below line I get an Object of PdsLongAttrImpl

Object obj = typeInfo.getParseMethod().invoke(null, rawValue);

And that object has propertyKey and Value as the fields.

How can I get the Value from that particular above Object?

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Cast the obj to type of the return.

For example if your expected return type is PdsLongAttrImpl

Then, it would be:

PdsLongAttrImpl pdsObj = (PdsLongAttrImpl)obj;

//Then perform operation on pdsObj.

NOTE: If obj is not of the type you are casting to, you will end up with ClassCastException.

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Just cast the value to the proper type:

 YourTypeHere obj = (YourTypeHere)typeInfo.getParseMethod().invoke(null, rawValue);

If you are not sure about the type, you can use:

 System.out.println(typeInfo.getParseMethod().invoke(null, rawValue).getClass().getName));

this will print the name of the class on the console

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If you know what type the object is (and that PdsAttrImpl is a visible class to your code), you can cast it like

PdsLongAttrImpl casted = (PdsLongAttrImpl)obj;

//assuming you have getXXX methods for the two fields

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