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I'm wondering how to go about obtaining the value of a POST/GET request variable using Python with Flask.

With Ruby, I'd do something like this:

variable_name = params["FormFieldValue"]

How would I do this with Flask?

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Have you considered looking at the Flask documentation? It's covered in the quickstart. Hint: request.form["fieldname"] –  kindall Nov 7 '12 at 22:42
Have you read this - flask.pocoo.org/docs/quickstart ? If not, I would recommend to run through it, because it will explain a lot of the things which are not clear in the beginning. Have fun with Flask ;) –  Ignas Butėnas Nov 8 '12 at 7:55
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I've only used flask a bit but basically you can get POST data using

myvar =  request.form["myvar"]

and GET using

myvar = request.args.get("myvar")
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If you want to retrieve POST data,

first_name = request.form.get("firstname")

If you want to retrieve GET (query string) data,

first_name = request.args.get("firstname")

Or if you don't care/know whether the value is in the query string or in the post data,

first_name = request.values.get("firstname"). 

request.values is a CombinedMultiDict that combines Dicts from request.form and request.args.

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