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I'm trying to display a page I generate through CodeIgniter in a Facebook Page Tab. My tab is displaying the page in the iframe perfectly, but when I try to retrieve the signed_request to test if the user likes my page, I get nothing at all.

I tried like in this tutorial at first, and it works as long as I'm not generating my page through CodeIgniter. And then I found I'm not the only one with this problem, and all the solutions I have found so far doesn't work to me. I've checked this, this and this. None of these solutions has worked (even the one that makes you avoid the use of $_REQUEST, that CodeIgniter appears to be clearing).

How can I get the signed_request then?

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Finally found it by myself.

CodeIgniter was making a redirection because of the language detection, which caused the page to lose the signed_request.

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how to solve this problem? – Vinoth Babu Apr 2 '14 at 17:24

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