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I would like to save my Weka classifier model to a file that can be read in by other (non-Java) programs. The Weka wiki says that Weka supports XML export via PMML files, however when I try saving my model as a PMML type via the explorer, it saves it to a non-text format. Is it possible to save a model in some text format via the Weka GUI?

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I wasn't able to find the place in the Weka wiki where it is said exporting models to PMML is possible. However, I did find several links, which seem to indicate this is not a feature in Weka:

Admittedly, both of these questions date from over 2 years ago, so it is quite possible things have changed since then. However, in a rapid Google search, all links seem to point to the fact that Weka is only able to consume PMML, and not export.

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