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Is there a way to auto add a header when i open a new file in vim? My objective is to automatically add the shebang "#! /usr/bin/python" when i open a new file using the command "vim". If the file is already present, no header should be inserted.

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Add this line in your configuration file:

autocmd BufNewFile *.py 0put =\"#!/usr/bin/python\<nl>\"|$
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This might be over-kill, but you could look at one of the snippet scripts for Vim, e.g. snipMate --

But, for what you want, you might just map a key to a command that reads in a file. For example:

nmap <leader>r :r boiler_mashbang<cr>

And, then put your boilerplate in the file: boiler_mashbang.

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With snipMate, you still need to explicitly type a trigger, but the idea is right; there are several "insert template" plugins on – Ingo Karkat Nov 8 '12 at 8:27

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