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I'm copying test cases from one project to another in TFS2010. Some of the test cases have a state of "Ready" and they have no steps. I would like to make sure that those test cases can easily be found so I can change their state back to "Design". I was hoping to be able to build a query like:

Team Project = @Project
AND Area Path Under @Project
AND Work Item Type = Test Case
AND State = Ready
AND Steps =

I noticed when I chose Steps as the field that the Operator choices became "Contains" and "Does Not Contain". Does anyone know any way to build a query that will bring back the results I'm looking for? I'm not aware of any other Field that would be usable for this.

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A hack of a solution, but one that works:

AND Steps Does Not Contain a*
AND Steps Does Not Contain b*
AND Steps Does Not contain z*

This appears to accomplish the task.

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Thanks!!! It's a hack but it got me close enough :) –  Suirtimed Jan 23 '13 at 0:56

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