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I'm running valgrind with following setup: valgrind --tool=memcheck --tool=callgrind --num-callers=20 --track-fds=yes --error-exitcode=1 CMD. Especially,--track-fds=yes work as desired, but every run fails due to fds 0,1,2 which are supposed to be open. However, I don't want to drop --track-fds, as it certainly gives meaningful information. So, is there a valgrind option / method to track fds excluding 0,1,2?

==5872== FILE DESCRIPTORS: 3 open at exit.
==5872== Open file descriptor 2:
==5872==    <inherited from parent>
==5872== Open file descriptor 1:
==5872==    <inherited from parent>
==5872== Open file descriptor 0: /dev/pts/0
==5872==    <inherited from parent>
==5872== Events    : Ir
==5872== Collected : 3081079256
==5872== I   refs:      3,081,079,256
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Those are stdin, stdout and stderr. Typically you can ignore these but if you really want to be fastidious:

fclose( stdin );
fclose( stdout );
fclose( stderr );

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