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Let's say there is a library function that needs to know the exact MIME type of the HTTP response currently being generated by a PHP script, regardless of whether it was explicitly set via header('Content-type: ...') or not. Also, if possible, regardless of whether output has actually started or not (I doubt this one, but...).

It could be, for example, a function that outputs diagnostics/debug information and wants to format its output depending on whether current content type is HTML, XML, or plain text.

A script is aware if it's running from the command line (php_sapi_name() == 'cli') and thus content type can be assumed text/plain, however, any way to accurately detect it when run under the server?

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By default the Content-type of the output from PHP will be text/html when not running on the cli. As you already know, when running from a cli the output is text/plain.

There is a function headers_list that will tell you the headers that will be sent (or have been sent). You can possibly leverage that to determine what the Content-type will be. I've never used it; I just know it exists.

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Thanks Levi... headers_list() though doesnn't list Content-type before output is started (naturally). –  mojuba Nov 8 '12 at 10:13

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