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I use this regex to check the field City:

"[a-zA-Z]+[[ '-]?[a-zA-Z]+]*"

but it works good also for name such as:



I would like that the special characters " ","'" and "-" between the words must be one and only one. For example:

Sant'Angelo-Dei Lombardi

it must be good, but not:

Sant'''Angelo---Dei Lombardi

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Americans won't like you, your regexp doesn't accept D.C. :) –  biziclop Nov 7 '12 at 23:46
It's true. After a little change, now it likes also the americans :) –  lovemint Nov 8 '12 at 13:52

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You want to use parentheses for the repetition:

[a-zA-Z]+(?:[ '-][a-zA-Z]+)*

What you tried ([[ '-]?[a-zA-Z]+]) means a character class, containing [ '-], ?, [a-zA-Z] and +, effectively being equivalent with [a-zA-Z?+ '-]. Subpatterns on the other had are delimited with ( and ), and the ?: makes it non-capturing which is a slight optimization.

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Very useful, thanks. –  lovemint Nov 8 '12 at 8:51
What about the rare (but valid) cities which have numeric characters in their names? –  noogrub Jan 8 '14 at 14:31
@noogrub Well, add 0-9 to the two alphabetical character classes. –  Martin Büttner Jan 8 '14 at 14:48

Use this code to validate city:

public static boolean validateCity( String city )
return city.matches( "([a-zA-Z]+|[a-zA-Z]+\\s[a-zA-Z]+)" );
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