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I would like to know a smart way to avoid repeating myself in the following declaration of similar structs. All the structs in the code below inherit publicly from boost::spirit::qi::symbols, where EnumType is different for each struct.

struct website_ : qi::symbols<char, Website>
  website_() : qi::symbols<char, Website>(website_names, Website_values) { }
} website_;

struct currency_name_ : qi::symbols<char, Currency>
  currency_name_ () : qi::symbols<char, Currency>(currency_names, Currency_values) { }
} currency_name_;

Where, for example

 enum Website { /*list of websites*/ };
 const std::vector<Website> Website_values = { /*same list as above*/ };
 const std::vector<std::string> website_names = { /* list of corresponding names of websites*/ };

The goal is to initialize every struct giving only the appropriate enum, vector of enum values and vector of strings with the names of the values.

I have thought of a solution with a new subclass of qi::symbols, from which all of my structs would inherit but I think it might be an overkill, and another perhaps using macros (which I am not very familiar with). Is there another method using some other kind of metaprogramming? Or perhaps some other trick from the Boost Library, which I am already using anyway?

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That's why templates were invented.

template<EnumType t>
struct symbol_type: qi::symbols<char, t>
  symbol_type(const std::vector<std::string>& names, const std::vector<t>& values) 
  : qi::symbols<char, t>(names, values) { }

symbol_type<Website> website(website_names, website_values);
symbol_type<Currency> currency(currency_names, currency_values);
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If I understood your question you can use below code:

typedef  qi::symbols<char, Website> website_;
typedef  qi::symbols<char, Currency> currency_name_;
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Well that makes my answer look outright foolish – Mooing Duck Nov 7 '12 at 23:24
Why does your answer look foolish, when it also takes care of initializing struct qi::symbols with the given values? – engineerX Nov 8 '12 at 0:11
What, like website_ website(website_names, website_values);? Even that is better than mine! – Mooing Duck Nov 13 '12 at 20:15

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