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This morning, I was reading a news article on Apple (either Snow Leopard or FCC), and I came across a part that referred to an old book by Apple (IIRC), that had two parts, and the first part was just on UI design. I was trying to get a copy of that book, but it seems I lost the link to the article. Does this book ring a bell with anyone, and if so, what's the title? (This book was published before 2000, maybe even before 1990, so if anyone recalls this book, congrats!, you have a great memory).

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I'm going to take a punt at either of these books.

Apple Computer Inc. (1985). Chapter Two: The Macintosh User-Interface Guidelines. In Inside Macintosh: Volume I

Apple Computer Inc. (1991). Chapter Two: User Interface Guidelines. In Inside Macintosh: Volume IV

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I'm not 100% sure this is what you are looking for but this book was written by Jef Raskin who worked for Apple at the time:


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If a book published in 2000 is "really old", then what does that make older books? –  Thomas Owens Aug 25 '09 at 12:49
THat book was published long after he left Apple (bevause of rows with Steve Jobs) –  anon Aug 25 '09 at 12:58

I think you may be thinking of Bruce Tognazzini's Tog on Interface, written in 1992. This is a book by Apple's original designer. The first half of the whole book is indeed on interface design. (And even if it isn't the one you were looking for I found it to be a very interesting read.)

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