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I want to write if condition inside where clause. because if first name or last name is null I don't wani to add it in where clause . other wise I want to add it.

so I write

var query1 = from opv in _opvRepository.Table
                         join o in _orderRepository.Table on opv.OrderId equals o.Id
                         join gr in _graduandRepository.Table on opv.graduand_id equals gr.graduand_id
                         join pv in _productVariantRepository.Table on opv.ProductVariantId equals pv.Id
                         join p in _productRepository.Table on pv.ProductId equals p.Id
                         where (opv.ceremony_id == ceremony_id) && 
                         (!o.Deleted) && (opv.IsHireItem == true)  &&
                         (!p.Deleted) &&
                         (!pv.Deleted) && (opv.ceremony_id == ceremony_id)      
                       //  group opv by opv.OrderId into g
                         select new
                             opvTable = opv,
                             grTable = gr,


// This is not working. I have problem in here. How to add this??
             if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Fname))
                 query1 = query1.Where(grTable = > grTable.first_name == Fname);

            var result = query1.ToList().Select(x =>
                return new HireItemReportLine()
                    OrderId = x.opvTable.OrderId,
                    Amount= x.opvTable.Order.OrderSubtotalExclTax,
                    PaymentMethod = x.opvTable.Order.PaymentMethodSystemName,
                    paidDate = x.opvTable.Order.CreatedOnUtc,

                    Fname = x.grTable.first_name,
                    MName = x.grTable.middle_name,
                    LName = x.grTable.last_name,


What is the wrong with my cording??

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Note that your original query selects an anonymous type with two properties: opvTable and grTable. So, you need to use one of those properties in the subsequent Where clause, like this:

   query1 = query1.Where(item => item.grTable.first_name == Fname);
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