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I have downloaded Websphere Application Server Network Deployment trial version as a http download in 3 parts. After unzipping those files I am clueless about its installation.
What are steps to install it on Windows 7 64bit machine? If there is any link which explains these steps, please let me know. I am tired of googling it but unable to find any clean explanation of installation steps.

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Starting with WAS 8.0, WAS is installed with another program called IBM Installation Manager. The three files you downloaded are collectively a WAS ND "repository". The high level steps are the following.

  1. Download WAS ND (you've done this).
  2. Unzip the three files, creating disk1, disk2, etc. This is your repository.
  3. Download IM.
  4. Install IM.
  5. Run IM.
  6. Add your WAS ND repository to IM's set of repositories.
  7. Install ND.

You can re-use the IM to apply fix packs, install other WebSphere related products, and remove these products.

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The product documentation (infocenter) will tell you how to install it. - http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/wasinfo/v8r5/topic/com.ibm.websphere.nd.multiplatform.doc/ae/welc6productov.html

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