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Suppose I have the following templates:

  1. .../main.vm
  2. .../sections/footer.vm

Suppose main.vm looks like this:

Hello world, this is the main template, it's name is $name
This template also has the following footer:

And suppose footer.vm looks like this:

Hi there, I'm the footer! My file name is $name!

I would like for $name in main.vm to be "main.vm", and $name in footer.vm to be "sections/footer.vm". Is something like this possible?

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Not unless you override the behavior of #parse, or provide your own parsing macro or directive which does something like:

#macro(include $templateName)
  #set($name = $templateName)
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And for the initial case, I can add the main file name to the VelocityContext object manually just before rendering. Thanks! – gzak Nov 14 '12 at 6:17

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