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I have a process which receives multiple jobs and picks a thread from thread pool and assigns a job to it, this thread in turn may spawn another set of threads from its own thread pool. Now when a STOP request for a job comes to the main process, it should be forwarded to corresponding thread for that request and all the threads associated with that job should clean themselves up and exit, My question is how to notify the worker threads about "STOP".

A global variable can be used and worker threads can poll it frequently but there are lot of functions that a worker can be doing, and adding checks everywhere could work.

Is there a clean approach? some kind of messaging layer. btw the code is C++

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The Boost.Thread library is a wrapper around pthreads that's also portable to Windows. The boost::thread class has an interrupt() method that'll interrupt the thread at the next interruption point.

Boost.Thread also has a thread_group class which provides a collection of related threads. thread_group also has an interrupt() method that invokes interrupt() on each thread in the thread group.

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We use pthreads for Linux and Ms threads for windows, not sure whether interruption is available for windows. – vgeta Nov 12 '12 at 1:07
Browsing through the source code, it seems that interruption points are indeed supported for Win32 threads. – Emile Cormier Nov 12 '12 at 1:32

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