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I've hit a wall and need some guidance getting this to work. I preface this with I'm a noob with jQuery and any way that I can write what I have already written better, or more streamlined is certainly welcome.

Currently I have 2 sliders on the page. Each image has a unique class. When the user clicks on the image slider the image slides in and the class "activeSlide" is added to it. What I would like to have happen is when the user clicks a slider and an image loads that matches another image, an alert pops up. There will be different image combinations that will trigger the popup, and if no matches, nothing happens.

Currently with the below code it works, though fires the alert after the images match and the user clicks the slider again. The ideal would be that the user click an image slider, the new image loads, and if it's a match will call the event handler to have the alert pop up.

Here is my HTML:

<div id="top" class="Slider">
    <img class="rsImg" src="images/tShirtRed.png" alt="tShirtRed" />
    <img class="rsImg" src="images/tShirtGreen.png" alt="tShirtGreen" />
    <img class="rsImg" src="images/tShirtRed.png" alt="tShirtRed" />

<div id="bottom" class="Slider">
    <img class="classBottom1" src="images/image5.png" alt="" />
    <img class="classBottom2" src="images/image6.png" alt="" />
    <img class="classBottom3" src="images/image6.png" alt="" />

Here is my jQuery:

var sliderInstance = $("#chest").data('royalSlider');

    sliderInstance.ev.on('rsAfterSlideChange', function() {
            if (($('#chest .rsActiveSlide img').attr('alt') == 'tShirtGreen') && ($('#legs .rsActiveSlide img').attr('alt') == 'jeansGreen')) {
            alert('Your message');
            } else {
            //Do nothing

My Dev environment is here: http://beingproperties.com/match-game/

Thank you in advance and appreciate any input. Cheers -Chris

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A question of your code, how can an img being .classTop1 and .classBottom1 at the same time? –  deerchao Nov 8 '12 at 2:43
There are 2 seperate sliders with different images/classes. –  Centinel3 Nov 8 '12 at 3:01
I knew that, but that's two separate slides, but an img can't be at both places at the SAME time. –  deerchao Nov 8 '12 at 3:05
Are you removing the activeClass from the images after the alert has been shown? Or is the problem that the alert is shown if either of a successfully matched pair is clicked for a second time - if so, you should add a clas like successfulMatch to them, and then check for the presence of that before showing the alert. –  Kelvin Nov 8 '12 at 3:08
@deerchao I think his code adds activeClass to the "correct" image in each Slider element, so $('.activeClass') will match both elements, and .is() will succeed if either element matches the selector. @Centinel3 it would be very, very helpful to provide a working jsfiddle.net demo showing the problem. –  Kelvin Nov 8 '12 at 3:11

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Figured it out with some help from the developer at RoyalSlider :Royal Slider

The jQuery needed to be after the slider initialization and within the document.ready() function.

I also needed to rearrange the function I was trying to call as well. See above for the fixed code.

Thanks again to Dmitry at RoyalSlider! -Chris

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